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Ranked among TOP 10 Engineering Colleges in Karnataka. Ranked 44th among top Engineering Colleges in India.

We invite you to explore our campus, our teaching process, laboratories and facilities, and simply discover why HKBK stands as the most preferred destination for students who aspire to grow, learn and reach beyond the country.

Academic Results

Below are the results of each academic year

2001-02 100.00%
2002-03 100.00%
2003-04 99.38%
2004-05 99.00%
2005-06 90.18
2006-07 96.26%
2007-08 96.26%
2008-09 93.81
2009-10 96.07%
2010-11 94.81%
2011-12 94.81%
2012-13 100%
2013-14 100%

Student Testimonials


"Since I am from Bangalore, I decided to pursue my technical education from an eminent engineering college. Meanwhile I was informed a bout some leading institutions including HKBK College. Subsequent to campus visits came the final decision of enrollment. In retrospect I think it was a good decision. The factor impressed me a lot about HKBK was the core philosophy of governing concepts and the positive synergy at the helm of management committee. The college has instilled a sense of security-both, academic and social, in us. The level of discipline and total commitment to the ultimate welfare of student body is priority number one in HKBK."

Arpana Sharleen Bangalore

"I still remember the day I first set foot here. I was nervous and in fact skeptical about my career choice. From that point till this day I must say that I have grown to love my career decision and I see myself as a confident achiever. Thanks to the friendly environment and supportive lectures, of course various extra-curricular activities, my college, have not only helped me build a strong academic record and also strengthen my personality. The excellent guidance and coaching I have received here and the continuing support from the management has helped me mould myself as a complete individual."

L Anil Kumar, Andra Pradesh

"I have been interested in engineering, before joining HKBKCE I really wasn't focused infect I felt something was missing in what I pursued. Thanks to my cousin, he had said that HKBKCE was a great place and would be the right channel to pursue my ambition. Looking back he was not exaggerating. As I work toward my future I realize what was the missing component in my life, as a restless person by nature. It is important to keep myself busy. HKBKCE provides a right balance of academics, sports and extracurricular activities. While many colleges may offer good educational programmes, how many actually provide aplatform for self expression."

Shruti Kerala